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  • Parent Coaching

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    One of the most rewarding parts of being a therapist is getting to work directly with parents. Our kids are our world, and we want to raise them to be independent, successful, confident, and kind individuals. We hope to have a parent/child relationship where our children trust our guidance and know they can come to us in times of struggle, but sometimes it can feel like everything is going wrong. We find ourselves saying and doing things we never imagined saying and doing as parents. It can seem like there are more tears than smiles, and we’re fighting a never-ending battle with the people we love the most. No matter how difficult the situation has gotten, there is hope, and things can get better.

    We are looking forward to working with you to identify the unique challenges your family is facing and discussing your specific goals. We will work with you to develop strategies and implement techniques that address these challenges and help you and your family reach your goals. It is an honor to help parents feel empowered and equipped to be the best versions of their already awesome selves.