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    Amber Austin

    I have dedicated my life to making a positive impact in the lives of children. Pursuing a career as a therapist lets me do this every day. I love what I do! My practice in unique, because I specialize in incorporating modalities that process trauma, such as EMDR, with relation-based therapies, such as TBRI, and I incorporate all of these with experiential modalities that ease and speed processing, such as sand tray therapy, play therapy, and art therapy. That’s a lot of ‘therapist talk’ to say that I am equipped to meet your child where they are, use interventions that equip them to connect to others, and empower them to change their lives. Click on the Services tab to learn more. 

    Waffles the Wonder Dog

    Hi!!! I’m Waffles! To borrow a line from my favorite movie star, Dug, from the movie Up, “I have just met you and I love you!” I am 1 year old, and I am learning to be a great therapy dog. It’s hard, because sometimes I want to run around and be loud and excited at times when I’m supposed to be quiet and focused, but I am doing better every day. 

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